Had a 'Rough Patch'?

Bad Credit Car Loans ; Second Chance Car Finance

Car loans and car finance are also available for people that don't have a perfect credit rating. We understand that in life things go well, and also can become difficult resulting in a 'Rough Patch'. Life can often throw us all a 'Curve Ball' - An unpaid power bill, or you may have previously been declared bankrupt. Perhaps you have been entered in to a Part 9 Agreement and are now discharged. Discharged, day 1 - Carloansales can still help you. We have finance lenders who can make getting you a new car very possible.

Bad Credit Car Loan Options

Bad Credit Car Loans

Bad Credit car loans are becoming increasingly more available to Australians. There are many reasons for bad credit, including mismanagement and unforeseen circumstances. Perhaps you have an unpaid mobile phone bill or missed a few payments on your credit card? Or perhaps been entered in to a Part 9 arrangement or declared bankrupt? Once discharged, Carloansales can help you!

Sub-prime car loans

Sub-prime car loans are given to people with a poor credit history and who are unable to get car finance through normal lending avenues. Sub-prime financers are institutions that offer loans to buyers that have a bad credit history and do not fit the criteria for banks and other prime financiers.

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  • Amount $ 0
  • Residual: 0 % ($ 0)
  • Interest 0 %
  • Term of lease 1 Year(s)
Monthly Repayment: $0.00

This offer is valid to business use customers borrowing more than $60,000 on New or Demonstrator model cars up to 2 years old.